character animation for a children's game, worked on side characters and the main character, Mattie, for the company Knowware.

a frog animation,  part of an animated short

panda bear animation for kid's game, company Knowware

Another animated story for Nick Jr., Read to Me series, Lead Animator, in Flash

A commercial I did the animation on, Flash, while at Curious Pictures for MCI

animation for the game,  "Where in the world in Carmen Sandiego" for Broderbund Software.

part of a digital greeting card animation, Flash,  done for

rough animation for a game, Mattel

animation, Lead Animator, for the Read to Me series for Nick Jr.
called "The Grumpy bug"


animation, cleanup, coloring for Dr.Seuss Green Eggs & Ham 

A run test for one of the characters from 'Tarzan' game done on Gameboy

Teaser animation for a indie game in development

                                               character rough animations for a Mattel game

Bug test walk animation done for Nick Jr., Read to Me series.

 A animation I worked on while at Nickelodeon, animating Spongebob and Patrick. Did so many various animations, including Plankton, Squirdward, and others.
A 3d ambient/idle animation for a game that was being developed for an independent gaming company while I was working at a studio called "New Pencil". I was working on various ambients, animations, etc. for different creatures and characters. A bear growling as well, animation done in Maya.
An rough animation done for Disney, a game called "Tarzan". Gameboy/Nintendo DS platform

A short animation that was done while working on a project for Comedy Central. The idea that when a 3d model is made it's always in this position and what if it came alive. Several scenes were made and just wanted to share one with you.

It's called "Eddy & Tilly", a pilot episode for an animated TV show, starting with sketches to final asset creation in Flash. The dialog changed in the recording studio and ended up being a little more feisty that I originally thought. It was shown on the Showtime website.