Sunday, May 27, 2012

Game Work at Sierra On-Line

"Peppers Adventures in Time"


"Charlie & Slater Go Camping"

These were some other titles that I was very fortunate to work on other than any of the "Quests" games that we were always producing at Sierra. I was Lead Animator on "Peppers Adventure in Time" and was given a lot of flexibility in every aspect of the game. I was primarily responsible for all aspects of animation, character creation, layouts, design and the concept work as we went along. The game did very well and allowed me to lead other projects.

On Charlie & Slater, I was one of a very few select animators to work on the project since it was small and an attempt to create a totally different kind of title. On both, everything was done traditionally, starting on paper, pencil tested, worked on and then scanned, colored in the computer. Back then, we were figuring out the technology as went along and the best, fastest way to get a lot of drawings in the computer. Very fun.

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